Services 服务范围

Legal 法律事务

Legal issues are all critical to live in the US.

Our Interpreters have background in the US laws.  If you or your family members need interpreters in the California court, including civil or criminal as well as family, probate, mental health, juvenile, and traffic cases, TECTS (T-English Chinese Translation Services)  will provide the excellent services for you.

​在美国生活,法律至关重要。我们的译员具有美国法律知识,如果您或者您的家人需要法庭译员,包括民事法庭,刑事法庭,以及有关家庭,假释,少年法庭,交通法庭事物,T 中英翻译公司均可竭诚为您提供最佳的翻译服务。


Silicon Valley is the technology center of the world. TECTS (T-English Chinese Translation Services) interpreters can help you do on-site translation or over-phone translations, and documents translations.

​硅谷是世界科技中心。T 中英翻译公司提供现场技术翻译,或者电话翻译,以及技术文件的翻译工作。



If you, your spouse, your parents or anyone else who is required to attend the green card interview is not fluent in English, U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) may require use of an interpreter for the green card interview. Interpreters from TECTS (T-English Chinese Translation Services)  are experienced in green card interview, and will give you the best service.

​如果您的家人需要绿卡面试译员,T 中英翻译公的翻译人员不仅可以提供最好的服务,而且,可以提供最佳的建议。

Medical 医疗


Medical terms are always hard to understand. If you need interpreters to understand these medical terms, TECTS (T-English Chinese Translation Services) interpreters can help you.

T 中英翻译公司可为您提供有药背景的翻译人员。



If you needs to do business in the US, including business negotiation, seeking business opportunities, looking for business partners, etc., TECTS (T-English Chinese Translation Services) have the interpreters who can understand your needs.

如果您来美国洽谈生意,寻求商机,寻找商业伙伴,T 中英翻译公司的译员精通商业知识,能够完美地满足您的需求。


Insurance 保险


Insurance is closely related to our lives. You definitely need to understand the meaning of the insurance documents. If you need interpreters to understand the terms of your insurance, TECTS will provides the best services for you.

保险与我们的生活戚戚相关。了解保险相关条文可避免诸多麻烦。T 中英翻译公司的译员可为您提供最好的翻译服务。